Lord Snark — GOT ep 4.8 “The Mountain and The Viper”

Thoughts as the episode progressed…

Little known fact — that belching whore made it to the finals on Westeros’ Got Talent

Molestown — worst witness protection location ever — I mean, it’s named Molestown for seven gods’ sake

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Gingers ruin EVERYTHING!

Meanwhile, on Gossip Girl… Missandei was like, Grey Worm was all Spartan abs and skinny jeans in the river and he was sooooo staring at me — it was kinda creepy and sexy all at once, you know, like Peter Sarsgaard… and Dany was all like, totally…but did you check out his package —giggles—

Wonder if the flayed men on sticks at Moat Cailin is where the idea for Brazilian steak houses came from

Sansa Stark to Eerie Investigation Committee On The Death Of Odd-Fish-Prone-To-Melancholy-Late-Teat-Feeding Lady Lysa — Kaboom, you’ve been lawyered!

Littlefinger to Sansa — you look absolutely Malificent in all black

After the committee ended, the dude who did most of the talking said he was going to push through to the morning, see if that American girl Carrie was still about, thinks he’s ‘in there’ (bonus points for getting this reference)

So The Hound scratching his neck wound again… that doesn’t mean anything right?  Was a choice by the actor, a throwaway moment, because that happens all the time in GOT

Dany posted a photo to Instagram —

ser jorah dany hand
Talk to the hand Ser Jorah… lates

Am I the only one still trying to figure out Tyrion’s beetle analogy story?

“Not nearly enough has been written about morons” — Clearly, Westeros doesn’t have the internet

“don’t drink before you fight” “is that light armor?” “wear a helmet” — I’m not sure if Tyrion was trying to be a good corner man or Oberyn’s mother

FINISH HIM! …………fuck



2 responses to “Lord Snark — GOT ep 4.8 “The Mountain and The Viper””

  1. “Molestown — worst witness protection location ever — I mean, it’s named Molestown for seven gods’ sake” – that is comic gold. Latinum? Whatever they trade in the seven kingdoms, spot on!

    1. thanks! — now I’m thinking Westeros needs a late night show to comment on the goings on… and I just thought of a sketch idea…

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