Lord Snark — GOT ep 4.5 “First of His Name”

Some random thoughts about the GOT episode “The First of His Name”

— Arya & The Hound is my favorite comedy in Westeros
— Apparently, Podrick slept his way through Squire School
— Littlefinger IS the most dangerous man in Westeros (Stay Blood Thirsty, my friends)
— Craster’s Keep officially de-listed from Trip Advisor
— Placing Dany’s three dragons on goat milk cartons, since we haven’t seem them for two episodes now
— “I will do what Queens do… I will rule” – Ru Paul
— Most popular reality show on the Bravos network… Sword Dancing With The Stars… brought to you by The Iron Bank

Arya & The Hound
Arya & The Hound

2 responses to “Lord Snark — GOT ep 4.5 “First of His Name””

  1. Very amusing! Extra points on the Littlefinger allusion to the Most Interesting Man.

    “I don’t always abscond with highborn wives of dwarves that I’ve tried to frame, but when I do, it’s Sansa.”

    1. Nice one! There’s a fake commercial for Funny or Die there somewhere.

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