2014 Wrap Up – Hashtag Wars

Some of my best tweets from @Midnight’s daily Hashtag War games.


Mississippi: there is no “I” in team, but there are three in our name. Also, we can’t add.
Missouri: less a show me state and more of a ‘grower’
New Jersey: where informants and trump casinos go under

I start making the list of excuses for not visiting my folks on thanksgiving
Leaf piles are not just what I call my dumps after eating leaves
Santa begins eating the slow elves to fatten up by Christmas and to send a message
I get to post photos of my giant-headed nephew and a pumpkin and say ‘twinsies!’

That’s No Maroon 5, That’s a Space Station
KC and the Cantina Band
Jar Jar Blinks 182
One Small Steppenwolf for Man, One They Might be Giants for Mankind

Brony Island
Santa’s Twerkshop

Hey, you, get outta the cold, get into my Tauntaun
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, now ur full of pot holes

The Modest Gatsby
How to Train Your Dragon Deux
6.096 meters from stardom

The bride of frankenberry
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Daphnes

Sabrina the Teenage Wench
Everybody Loves Scurvy!
Full Yo Ho House
The Ren and Stumpy Show
Planky Brewster

Starsky and Cabinet
Jessican Hahn and Chewie
The Wonder Twinks

banana hammock pudding
red wedding cake
little debbie’s snatch cake

green eggs and Will.I.Am
harry potter and the deathly hollas
the chronic of narnia
charlotte’s crib

Mayim Apocalypse
Invasion of the Brady Snatchers


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