2015 Predictions

My predictions for your 2015…

Day 1: I am making all the changes
Day 2: Back to work… you know, this place isn’t so bad
Day 5: Ugh. Boss still sucks. Clearly, she is not aware of the profound life changes I’m mak— are those cupcakes for us? I’ll just have half of one…
Day 9: My cube is surrounded by soul-sucking motherfuckers. I know I said I’d stop cursing, but dammit, if it’s possible, they are even WORSE than this time last year. But I… I am still on the path… all the changes… most of the changes… I’ve put three pounds back on
Day 21: I give zero fucks. None. This place and everyone in it can burn to the ground… ooh, cupcakes
Day 22: I have eaten all the cupcakes. Literally. Also, we as a society place too much emphasis on looks. New goal: being all about that bass.
Day 31: Goals are stupid. When does Walking Dead come back on?
Day 45: Hey, did you see the show last night? Spoiler alert, it was amazeballs… like these cupcakes I made…
Day 365: I need to watch less television, cut down on sweets, be more accepting of others… let me write this shit down (last curse word, pinky swear) in my Task app I purchased last year and will totally use every day from now on…


2 responses to “2015 Predictions”

  1. I’m currently stuck between Day 9 and Day 21: I already hate everyone, but I’m still mildly hopeful things will change…

  2. I hear ya. I feel exactly the same… and I’m self employed…

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