New Sitcom Pilot Completed!

tv clip art 

“It’s a multi-cam!” said the nurse.

——- First time writing one of these, for both me and my writing partner Jamie Nash.

Keeping logline and stuff under wraps for a bit, while we get some peer feedback, but will post soon enough.

Jamie is a repped WGA writer, which opens up a few new avenues (for me) in taking the project out. My personal marketing has been limited to pitching prodcos through places like Virtual Pitchfest and Amazon Studios, entering contests and posting it to a CompuServe Bulletin Board — admittedly, that last one is a bit outdated.

Feels good to get a script under the belt this year. Took a long time to put my webseries online (well, half online), and it ate up a lot of writing time in the spring.  I’ve got a half-finished pilot and a feature to get back to and if either of those can be completed, this would be a good year. Better would be getting optioned. Even better, a date with Jessica Chastain.

This is my third writing project with Jamie, who also directed my webseries Click!. We pitched an open assignment to Amazon Studios a couple years back (didn’t get it) but the dark comedy we wrote Cordially Invited did win Best Film for the 48 Hour Film Project (Baltimore).

Maybe the third time is the one that gets me… that date with Jessica!


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