Screenwriter Social Media Posts and Their Subtext

Anyone have experience pitching to BIG NAME PRODUCER/STUDIO?

I know anyone who could actually answer this isn’t reading our shitty forum, but I wanted to humblebrag about my big meeting

— Fuck You!

Just so thankful to God I’m able to write for a living. #ScreenWriterLife

I go to church and live off a trust fund

— guess that means God hates me, so #FuckYou

Just so thankful to God I’m able to write for a living. #ScreenWriterLife

My wife is a lawyer and supports my hobby

— #FuckYou #Atheist

Story is structure

My girlfriend got me one of those writing quote-a-day calendar things, and this is today’s

— you’re too old to break into screenwriting – 90’s Throwback Fuck You!

Behind on my project for PRODUCER/DIRECTOR. Need a kick in the ass.

Just wanted to remind you how inferior you are

— you’d probably be on schedule if you stopped wasting everyone’s time with humblebrag posts like these – Fuck You!

Heya writing friends, great community we have here. Um, can you give my PROJECT NAME some love, please Like/Tweet/Kickstart…

I only popped in this forum because I need something, you’ll never hear from me again

— how about you pay-it-forward by visiting my fund raising page first, every reward is a Fuck You!


Does anyone know HUGE MOVIE STAR NAME? I have the perfect script for them.

I totally think George Clooney and I could be besties

— Fuck You, go start a fan club


Just want to thank GURU ON GURU’S TWITTER PAGE for all they do for us!

I desperately need attention and can’t afford therapy

— here’s a body pillow you can hug, Fuck You!



I literally have nothing else to do today, and want to waste other’s time

— Fuck You, you lazy dick, go write!


Does anyone know how to TECHNICAL WRITING QUESTION?

I’m needy and never heard of Google

— I just put ‘Fuck You’ into my search engine and it yielded 192 billion results, all of them for you!


So, fellow bitter reader, add your own Quote/Subtext in the comment section below. I’m just scratching the surface here.

I’m a failed writer and your comments validate me.


2 responses to “Screenwriter Social Media Posts and Their Subtext”

  1. I feel your pain! Good stuff, man.

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