Another 48 Hours

It’s been so totally awhile — three years — since I wrote a 48 Hour Film Festival script.  I got a supes amazing opportunity to work with an incredibility talented group of actors and filmmakers in the Balto/DC region.

In what I can only assume is fate – because according to M. Knight Shyamalan, there are no coincidences – we pulled ‘dark comedy’ from the hat.  Why is that fate you may ask, my interloping internet reader?

Because I was brought in to co-write this 48 with a super-talented writer and friend, Jamie Nash — and we’re writing a TV pilot together — also, dark comedy.

Now obviously, we didn’t know what we were going to pull.  And I can honestly say I wasn’t happy when we found out the genre, because A, it’s too open and let’s you think of too many ideas, and B, it’s totes hard to find the right tone to pull it off.

And that’s where my belief in M. Knight’s philosophy took hold – because Jamie and I have been working on dark comedy tone and story for our pilot, almost every day for the two weeks prior to this 48.  It was time well spent.

The film got a mad reception at it’s showing this week – lot’s of praise for our actors, especially the adorbs  fifteen year old cast as our lead.

Check it out below.

(so, what’s up with all the teen-agery superlatives i used in this post?  you’ll see in the vid )


6 responses to “Another 48 Hours”

  1. Very funny and well acted. Congrats, man!

  2. thanks, great crew and cast makes all the difference

  3. Tripindicular and totally rad! [My teen speak is dated, of course.]

  4. update: it WON the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Festival!!!! – along with Best Actress (very well earned) and Best Graphics

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