…No Cigar

So my tv pilot Subbin’ was named one of the top ten most popular comedy series on Amazon Studios (out of 665 projects there.)


A decent little accomplishment, given that 7 of those projects are being developed by Amazon into full-fledged series for their streaming service. Unfortunately, the script was never optioned and I’m still broke, so you’re buying me lu–, well anything quite frankly, I don’t get to be a chooser.

This news is probably a good way to summarize my 2012 – “no cigar”, as in, “so freakin’ close, but… “

Earlier this year, Amazon held a comedy punch-up contest for one of their feature scripts and I finished second. One of my comedy shorts placed in several contests, but was never a winner. Subbin’ was entered into one other contest, the Austin Film Fest, and made top 10%, but that’s where the buck stopped.

My entry into the 50 Kisses Film/Writing contest was technically a winner, being chosen as one of the fifty scripts (out of 1870 entries) that will make up the feature film, but fell short of their top ten.

My big project, the web series Click!, conceived at the beginning of the year, filmed in the spring and summer, has seen a number of our jokes already used on network television and …is… still… being… edited. Not through the fault of those involved, just a victim of circumstance and funding.

And Jessica Chastain didn’t leave any of her deliciously long red locks on my pillow, despite being on my vision board. I know that has nothing to do with writing, it just makes me super sad.

Look, I’m feeling a little morose – partially because I’m still suffering with the flu. And I heard a Lana Del Ray song for the first time… she sounds like she committed suicide and her tortured spirit is now doing the singing.

This writing thing is hard, especially pursuing it later in life when failure has more consequences.  I love the following pic and is my inpiration for moving forward in 2013.  



One response to “…No Cigar”

  1. thankfully, the only repercussions were that Lana Del Ray song stayed stuck in my head for 7 days, wanted to kill myself, but I counterbalanced with internet kitten videos…

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