Short Film – 50 Kisses Contest

So, one of my scripts “Her… and Him” (available in my writing samples), was one of the fifty script winners for the 50 Kisses Film Contest.

To recap, it’s a two part contest.  In the first, 1870 writers submitted scripts based on a simple premise – a kiss that must take place on Valentine’s Day.  Fifty scripts were chosen to be made into one feature length film.

The second part, which is happening now, is the filmmaking portion.  Hundreds of filmmakers are creating movies from any of the scripts, and are posting them as they are ready, for feedback.

Sponsored by the London Screenwriters Festival, the contest is international, which is awesome.  Some Brazilians made the following version of my script.  I really like it and hope they take notes left my me and others and make a few, small changes.

But I love cast, the direction… some great shot selections.  And it made me laugh while being heartfelt by the end.  Very well done!



One response to “Short Film – 50 Kisses Contest”

  1. yeah, i actually really like it, even though they made some changes from the script, particularly some dialogue changes – but i like the performances and especially the little moment they created at the end, though i think they could have lingered on the pan of the dude, ends a little abruptly

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