The Real Mysteries of JJ Abrams ‘Revolution’



  • Why are people so clean? Shouldn’t most folks look like they spent a few weeks in the Occupy Movement? They must have stocked up on Crest White Strips too.
  • Why does only one character wear glasses? Do lasik machines now run off homemade hooch?
  • When does Katniss show up?
  • I thought the main bad guy, Gus Fring, was killed in the last season of Breaking Bad?
  • Why aren’t their clothes rattier? My year-old t-shirts have more frayed edges than all the clothes I saw on the show (okay, maybe that says more about where I shop).
  • Is Benetton the official corporate sponsor of Revolution?  Because when hunting and hiking in the woods, nothing is more practical than a trim-fitting long-sleeve henley with a three-button placket.
  • Why does Anne Heche have a British accent?
  • When the son smashed that one goon in the head with a pipe, why did it CLANG like it hit something metalic?  Was he a cartoon character?  Or are there terminators in this future? Either would be amaze-balls.
  • How does the guy in the ACDC shirt know that the second guy running down the hall was the LAST guy to be rounding that corner, when he was hidden and couldn’t possibly see them?  Apparently, x-ray vision is a mutation in the future.
  • Spoiler alert: the chick at the end of the pilot was communicating with one of the Dharma stations on the Lost Island.
  • Please tell me the Kardashians are off the air and don’t have one of those electricity locket thing-a-ma-jigs.

One response to “The Real Mysteries of JJ Abrams ‘Revolution’”

  1. they had a m-app for that… bazinga!

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