TV Pilot Made Austin Top 10%

My TV Pilot, Subbin’, made it through to the second round of the Austin Film Festival, but advanced no further. 

Given that there were over 6500 film and teleplay entries, this is actually quite an accomplishment for the script.  According to the Austin rep who called with the news, only 90 total scripts (1.5%) advanced to the next round. 

Coupled with making the Amazon Studios ‘Notable List’ a few months ago (only 20 scripts out of almost 650), and the positive response from the community there, the pilot is connecting with many people.

Now I just need to complete a couple more specs, and I’ll be ready to contact a manager and apply for some fellowships next year.

Thanks to my writing partner, Dan Franko, and to all our friends, actors and writers, who helped us with table reads and feedback!


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