Got the news yesterday.  My entry into the London Screenwriters “50 Kisses” writing/film contest made the Final 50.  (there were 1870 submissions)

You can read and rate my script HERE.  It’s a comedy, and only two pages, so just go do it already.

What is 50 Kisses? 

It’s a two part contest/crowd sourcing event to create a feature length film (consisting of 50 two-minute shorts), centered around this premise: any interpretation of a kiss on Valentines.

There are two stages to the competition, the first of which, writing, is complete.  Now, more than 1000 filmmakers will choose a script and have two months to complete their film. 

Judges such as John August & Tony Jordan will decide on the 50 best entries.  The final movie will receive a theatrical and television release in England on Valentines, 2013, with a potential wider release if it does well.

So, best of luck to all the filmmakers. 

You can get more info here:


One response to “SMOOCH!”

  1. update: at least one group making my flick! good luck!

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