CLICK! Webseries Photos

Some photos from filming the last 3 episodes of Season 1.  Now on to editing.

Oh, what is “Click!“?

It’s a comedy webseries I created and produced.  Brought on board three other writers, and set it up like a writer’s room… kinda.  We met via Skype.  I established what the show was about and the characters.  As a team, we broke each episode, assigned writers, then group reviewed. 

I wrote three episodes, the others one ep apiece.

And as you can tell from these photos, it’s a crazy, outlandish, 30 Rock/Parks n’ Rec type of show.

‘Wax On Wax Off’ – Ted’s late on the rent, again. 


 ‘Dadvertisement’ – Rosie helps her dad (Ted) make a commercial.


 ‘The Family Package’ – A single mom comes in for some family photos.



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