Writing Update

So, two new pieces of writing news.

Finished filming the first season of my web series Click! this weekend!  Been a looooong process, seven months since first conceiving of the show, to bringing on a writing team and acting as showrunner, as well as producing, props creation, craft services and every little job in between.  But totally worth it.

The second, my comedy short, Two Guys a Girl and a Parking Space, made the quarterfinals (top 20%), at BlueCat Screenwriting. link

This is in addition to Amazon Studios putting my TV Pilot, Subbin’, on their Notable List (previously named The Consider List), two weeks ago.  Out of nearly 600 submissions, four are currently in development while only 14 made the next tier, which is where our project currently resides.

While all of this is nice, it’s not a career, so it’s back to writing two new TV pilots and a spec New Girl Pilot, while the web series gets edited.

(you can read the short in my Writing Samples & the TV pilot/bible at the link above)


One response to “Writing Update”

  1. Chris Mueller Avatar
    Chris Mueller

    Update: Advanced no further in Blue Cat. Top 5% (21 entries) announced Sunday. Was a long shot. With non-genre-specific category contests, comedies always have a difficult time advancing. Still got excellent positive feedback on the script.

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