50 Kisses

Gotta love the Brits.  They gave us the Magna Carta, then Keira Knightley and now this…

The London Screenwriter’s Festival is holding an awesome film & script contest.  50 Kisses

Several things make this unique. 

First, it’s free!  Second, it starts as a two page – yep, absolutely, only two – writing contest.  Any interpretation of a kiss on Valentine’s Day night.  And then finally, it becomes a film contest.  The top 50 scripts are made public for filmmaker’s, who then choose one of the scripts, competing to get their movie into the final product – a feature length film to be released theatrically in London!

One of the judges is the great screenwriter John August, so this is no minor event, as evidenced by the 2000 writing entries.

Winning scripts will be announced on July 30.

Was an absolute blast to do.

My scene is at the top of my Writing Samples.



One response to “50 Kisses”

  1. Well, got the news yesterday, my script is one of the 50 Kisses!!!! You can find and rate it here. http://www.50kissesfilm.com/50-kisses-the-screenplays/her-and-him-by-chris-mueller/

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