Rejection is Part of the Bleeping Process

Like dating, job hunting and orphanages.

Okay, so I stole the opening joke from one of my previous posts. But now it has some personal meaning.

In the last month, I didn’t land a paid rewrite assignment that I thought I really, like, really really, had a good shot at, [edited – update to follow] and didn’t get into a mentorship program. To follow a baseball analogy, three strikes and you’re f***ing f***ed. That’s a baseball thing, right?

At least I can take some ironic solace in the fact that the rejections followed the rule of three.

Look, I’ve had my writing rejected before. Screenplay contests, my love letter to Sofia Vergara, and the failed appeal of the subsequent restraining order. But never have the rejections come so rapidly – my speed-dating outing last month doesn’t count either.

In all seriousness, this is the confidence tester. So I’m not posting to bitch, look for sympathy or to share my bad news. But to remind myself…

…rejection is part of the bleeping process.


One response to “Rejection is Part of the Bleeping Process”

  1. Michael Brennan Avatar
    Michael Brennan

    Rejection is like 90% of the process, maybe more. That’s why writers all talk like and have the mannerisms of Woody Allen. Being a screenwriter is nothing more than embracing one’s neuroses. I think I’m okay with that. Sophia won’t lift my restraining order either despite all the times I’ve assured her we’re perfect for each other.

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