Weekly Wrap Up

The blog portion of this site is constantly evolving. Sometimes I post what’s going on with my writing career (and of friend’s artistic work as well), other times news items and my commentary on them.

I read so many blogs and entertainment news sites during the week, I could comment every day, but then I’d get no actual writing done.

So once a weekish, I’m going to post the best of the news/info I’ve found in one ‘wrap up’. Of course, it’s my opinion on what is best, but dammit, the site is titled ‘chris mueller’, so I’m allowed.

If you want the single best writing site I’ve ever found (and read regularly), it’s Scott Myers Go Into The Story. Multiple posts daily on all things screenwriting related. I really can’t praise and thank Scott enough for this. Even though I’m on the east coast, I feel empowered with LA ‘insider’ info thanks to his site. So stop reading this and go there immediately!

Anyway, here is the inaugural list:


  • E! Gets Into Scripted Programming – I thought they already had ‘scripted’ shows like the Kardashians. No way that family or Kim’s butt is real (I’ve heard they use Adobe Ass Effects in post)
  • Amazon Studios Soliticing TV Pilots – been waiting for this one since they posted job openings for TV execs several months ago
  • The Essence of Comedy – nice little breakdown of a comedy scene on why it’s funny
  • Interview – with last year’s winner of Fox’s NYTVF sitcom writer contest – it’s still a tough a road even after a big win
  • Eventual TV Sitcom Writer Blog – and you should follow this blog, from Evan Shaw, who wants to break into television – plus he conducted the excellent interview above 

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