Lesson Learned

So I just read this link

“In a deal worth mid-six against seven figures, Dimension Films acquired Garden District, a spec script by Tony Jaswinski & Luke Goltz. Garden District is a low-budget horror thriller about a trio of self-declared mythbusters who get in over their heads while investigating what they think is just another hoax. It involved a mysterious video of a vampire’s execution that goes viral, and the mythbusters head to New Orleans to see if it’s phony.”

Scott Meyers on his GITS blog said “Here’s another story concept hiding in plain view. Good for the writers having the eyes to see it.”


I had this exact concept a year ago – it floored me when I read it.  With exception of the vampire, literally the same logline.  One of my many loglines, of course, but I thought it was one of the better ones and never developed it.

Just goes to show, when you have an idea and it’s really strong, you have to jump on it.  Would I have executed as well?  Who knows – the pair are experienced and reppped writers.  But, I should have tried and now I’m kicking myself over it.

The only thing I can take away is that I know I have several good/strong high concepts, just need to pick the right ones and execute.

Lesson learned – you can’t let a good idea linger or someone else will eventually think of the same thing or something similar…


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