My Web Series Coming Into Focus

Click!, a comedy web series I created over the last two months, will shoot the first 7 episodes in March, airing sometime in April.

So what is Click!?  Well, if you think the words Focus, Click and Shoot have something to do with it, you’d be right.


It’s the story of beleaguered photography studio owner Ted, his unfiltered ex-brother in law and co-owner Jason and the world’s worst assistant, Nikki. The divorced dad will struggle to build his business and work on his relationhship with his sixteen year old daughter, Rose.  And deal with a cast of characters who challenge his every move – Wayne, the building owner who assigned Nikki to him as part of the lease; Phillip, the owner of sophisticated rival studio ‘Say Fromage’; and his ex-wife, who sold her ownership stake in the studio to her brother, ”to annoy him, constantly”.

So much to talk about this project, it’s too much for a single post.  Just a couple of highlights.

  • reteaming with friend, Dan Franko – who stars as Jason, is producing the series with me and running our social media campaign – when you’re an Indie prod like us, you take on many roles
  • set myself up as the showrunner for this series – created the concept, characters and first couple of episodes, then formed a team of three more writers to break stories, write episodes and polish the drafts – just like a real TV show, except less b.o., because we collaborate via Skype
  • all episodes will be under five minutes and take place in a single location, a real photography studio – writing challenges, for sure, especially to make it visually interesting for an audience – luckily, the studio is in an old brick building with lots of character and I’ve got very experienced people as cinematophrapher and director, both writers themselves

You can follow us on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page, but as we get closer to release, we’ll have a dedicated webpage for all things Click!

Lots more to come.



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