standing on my own two tweet

Yeah, I don’t know what that header means either.  It’s hard to be clever.

Anywho… I just joined Twitter a couple of weeks ago and I’m still feeling my way around.  Learning to follow people, stalking hot chicks, figuring out which ones are really men and not caring – you know, the same routine as bar hoping in San Fran.

On Sunday, I got bold and participated in my first group chat.  This was TV Writer focused, where we spent an hour discussing the NBC pilot ‘Free Agents’.  Interesting experience.  Reminded me of a nude beach – a lot of dudes, I burnt my nads (don’t use a laptop naked) and there was a fat chick that wanted to talk with everyone – oh, wait, that was just me looking in the mirror.

While at times I was lost (typing as slow as a girl learning math, doesn’t help), it was a blast and we covered some good ground – the characterization, comparing the ‘read’ to the aired version, etc.  Great stuff.

Also, began to make connections with a bunch of writers, including one who works on MTV’s Death Valley (Mike Alber, @malber).  We had a great host (Jamie Lee Scott, @Jamie_LD), who tried to keep us on topic (though several people paired off and trodded their own path, including one Australian who may still be on her walkabout.)

If you’re interested in networking, check out the links below.  I’ll see you on Sundays (because I’m not cool.)

TVWriterChat ( and their sister site, for Film, (

And I’m @OMGChrisMueller



One response to “standing on my own two tweet”

  1. Thanks Jamie. Yeah, got my Twymen broken. Looking forward to the Sunday chats.

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