Or so declares the current king of comedy, Judd Apatow.


Is this really so hard to conceive?  The idea is as radical as a debate between Leonard and Sheldon over who made the best Mystery Science Theater 3000 host. 

I think it’s terrific and makes sense, just like it did for Animation.  And the Golden Globes has been doing it since 1952! 

But there is little chance the Academy would make such a change any time soon.  The Oscar board moves at a slow pace, like kids in their first week at Fat Camp.  Just two years ago, they expanded to ten the nominations for Best Picture, to include a wider variety of films (and appease the Studios.)  But even that move didn’t get a nomination for The Hangover (which won at the GG).

On the other hand, it would be awful to see the DVD jacket for Sandler’s Jack and Jill read “Oscar Nominated” and not have it refer to the Meyer weiner.

So, nevermind.


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