I’m a Graduate!

Of the ScreenwritingU ProSeries writing program! 

9 months of lessons (online and by conference call).  Highly recommended.


A completely practical approach to screenwriting – how to conceive, write and market screenplays that will sell.  High Concept is stressed in this series.  The goal of the program is to create working writers and provide you the tools to succeed.

What’s great is the class continues through an exclusive online forum with all the previous alumni and with the director of the program, Hal Croasmun, who will help his students by reviewing any deal they get with producers/managers, etc. – for free!

They also make a tremendous effort to promote the success of its students – obviously, that is a benefit to the program.  But by having students Tweet and Facebook all announcements, it creates Google and other hits for that student when producers and the like go searching for that writer online.

So now it’s on to applying all these lessons and completing my in-progress features and new TV pilot.



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  1. Congrats!

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