My page is up!

After remaining in net obscurity (and let’s face it, real obscurity as well), I’ve created a website to showcase my ‘talent.’  I really do prefer my anonymity, which is why I like to write, not act, but if I ever want a chance to make it as a professional writer (read, paid), then that’s what I need to sacrifice.

So welcome to those of you who will read this page. 

Check out my links to the left.  Comment on my work if you must. 

But better yet, if you’re a producer or agent, request my awesome spec TV pilot (cowritten with Dan Franko), a sample scene which is posted on this site.

And if this doesn’t work out, I can always retreat back into my bunker.  Which is just a fort made up of old Country Bears pillows – hey, it was Disney and had Christopher Walken in it, I thought I’d be rich!




One response to “My page is up!”

  1. Looks good.

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