‘Cause I’m Just a Girl…

…little ‘ol me, Don’t let me out of your sight

Thanks for the intro, Gwen.

Okay, so where is this blog entry going?  No, I’m not considering a sex change… today.  But I am going to mention a terrific writer, Elizabeth Meriwether.  Oh, who is she?  Just the creator of the awesome new sitcom, ‘New Girl’, on Fox.  You are watching this one, with the ‘adorkable’ Zooey Deschanel?  You should be.

Really, a hilarious show that even with a major cast replacement after the pilot, discovered the voice of it’s characters so quickly.  Here is an interview with Liz.

Now what I find most interesting is that she was able to sell her Pilot and became lead writer, without having prior writing room experience.

…I’m just a girl, lucky me

No luck about it actually.  She’s been writing on Broadway for a while, had a film credit to her name and is not too hard on the eyes – hey, I’ve got at least one of those qualities (hint, I look great in glasses and a yellow peasant top.)

…So what’s my destiny?

What I’ve learned from writing and acting friends the last year is ‘be prepared for success.’  I’m working hard at my craft, networking and creating work product.  I am going to be a writer for television.  No If, Ands or Kardashian-sized Butts about it.  Afterall, it’s on my Vision Board, so it has to come true, right?

…Take a good look at me

So Fox, give me a call.  I’m ready.




One response to “‘Cause I’m Just a Girl…”

  1. Thanks for the bump to get back into this show…LOVE it.

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