I came to screenwriting later in life.

I’d always loved film and television, but as someone from a blue-collar family and living on the wrong coast, it wasn’t even a consideration to try for fun let alone as a career. Until I met a group of local actors who started making short films as part of the 48 Hour Film Project, which had its humble beginnings near me in Washington DC.

This turned into a decade-long hobby making short films, first as a production assistant then as a lead writer. In that time, I helped write four award-winning 48 Hour Film Project shorts, including the BEST FILM from the 2013 competition in Baltimore.

I eventually wound up directing my own work, which includes some parody sketches and a webseries.

Filmmaking was a real leg-up in my screenwriter education, which I further developed by reading the books (you know the ones), taking classes and running a workshop for two years.

Budget has limited my entries into contests, but I have been a Finalist in ones from AMAZON STUDIOS and the LONDON SCREENWRITERS FESTIVAL.

Today, I’m still chasing the dream…


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