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Feature Script – HELLBREAKER$

March 4, 2016

hellbreaker$ script action movie luciferStarting to market my kick-ass-supernatural-action flick, HELLBREAKER$. 

What’s it about?

A team of fallen angels jailbreaks souls from Hell – for a price. But when they realize they’re pawns in a scheme to free Lucifer, they run their final mission… to stop the seventh seal from being broken.

Check out the script right here!  HELLBREAKER$ (PDF LINK)

Here’s our pitch:

Getting into Hell is easy. Breaking out is the hard part.

Even if you’ve got a mercenary team of fallen angels sent to save your sorry soul.

Meet Alandreal and her gang of Hellbreakers. They lost house privileges when they gave up their wings, but still have access to the basement. Now their business is being bad.

But when their latest mission reveals the seals binding Lucifer are being destroyed —  and they’ve been duped into doing it — business becomes personal.

Someone has been using them. Playing the ultimate end game… Armageddon.

Only our fallen angels can stop it. And in the process, rediscover their true calling as the protectors of humanity.

“The writing craft in HELLBREAKER$ is particularly strong. The writers have a firm grasp on how to write pulsating action sequences, while still having enough white on the page to make this a quick and engaging read.” (Coverage Ink reviewer)

“HELLBREAKER$ is an extremely fun and lightning quick read…Where this script truly excels is in its visual storytelling. The action sequences, chase scenes and battles are expertly constructed…could easily be the first script in a series.” (Blcklst reviewer)


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