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Some of the short films I’ve written/co-written.


CLICK! — 2014

Comedy web series I created.  About a photography studio owner, dealing with an ineffective staff, odd-ball clients, an onerous landlord and his estranged sixteen-year-old daughter.  (half of the first season released, second half at the end of the summer)

I wrote and directed three Promos for the web series.  In these, our actors (as their characters) try to think of ways to build the show’s audience.



Murder’s on the invitation when a teen sleuth is kidnapped for being too good at her job.

Best Film, Best Actress & Best Graphics awards --- Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project


HE DROVE — 2009

The aftermath of a drunken one-night-stand, as seen through the eyes of the couple’s personality traits, embodied by characters the audience can see.

Best Of & Audience Favorite awards --- DC 48 Hour Film Project



I wrote and directed these Mac vs PC commercial parodies (yeah, everybody’s done them), but these poke fun at the Hollywood filmmaking system.  Four videos total, two are here.

Shown as interstitials throughout the weekend of the 2009 Frederick Film Festival 
'Featured' on Sony's Crackle website the month of February 2008.


THE DATE — 2006

A first date is deconstructed by the couple and their six friends, Rashomon style.

Best Of & Audience Favorite awards --- Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project

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