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Hello and welcome to my site.

I’ve been described as a versatile screenwriter, which is the thesaurus’ way of saying I’m funny but can also write drama and stuff. Been at the narrative writing thing for a few years now and am available for story-driven content assignments — web, tv, film, games, sketches, transmedia.

I’ve written several award-winning 48 Hour Film Project shorts (THE DATE, HE DROVE, DIE-ANETICS), including this BEST FILM from the 2013 competition in Baltimore (my hometown, hon!). Been a finalist in screenwriting contests, one from AMAZON STUDIOS and another the prestigious LONDON SCREENWRITERS FESTIVAL. Unproduced (and available!) scripts include a couple of sitcom pilots, a supernatural-action feature and some shorts/sketches.

Most of those films and full scripts are linked on this very site, so check out the tabs above.

Experience with filmmaking the last decade led me to believe I could create and produce a fantastic webseries. Which I did. Am still doing. The last three episodes are in editing. It’s called CLICK!, and while far from perfect, was so much fun to make!

Absolutely love world-building and looking for opportunities to write for the game industry. Have played fantasy, sci-fi and action games such as Elemental:War of Magic, Galactic Civilizations, Borderlands, even role-playing ones, unless that’s super embarrassing, in which case, I totally didn’t.  

Completed ScreenwritingU’s Pro Series of classes (ranked #1 by InkTip, Scriptapalooza & Script Magazine for online screenwriter education), took extension courses at Johns Hopkins University and ran a screenwriting workshop for two years.

That’s all to say, while I’ve threaded this bio with some humor and snark, I take the craft of writing seriously, continually seek improvement, and am a complete professional to work with.


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